It’s 2030, Whites have become a target of genocide to the point where escaping prison planet Earth and finding a new home, or neoheim, is the only option…

Song 1: Code 14

First we must realize our White plight and then escape…

Lyrics: Code 14

If you’re White you must fight for what is our destiny
We are strong, we are beautiful and so very magical
But we are suffering from the merchant ones
anti-Whites! anti-Whites! anti-Whites! yeah!

And it’s true, need to do something for the 14 words
Have a plan. Take a stand. White flight to Aryania
We must do this before genocide
Before..Before..Before we die!

Song 2: White Pilled Escape Pod

We’ve escaped and are headed into space on our long journey to find our new home, Aryania. Now we reflect on what has happened…

Lyrics: White Pilled Escape Pod

We escaped the anti-White feud
We had a plan for what to do
No more White genocide
We’re headed towards where the future’s bright
White positive in a sphere
Where destiny for us has no fear
No more White genocide
We’re headed towards where our future’s bright

White pilled escape pod
White pilled escape pod
Headed right where we sought
White pilled escape pod

Song 3: Steorra (star)

Passing by alien stars and silently pondering what’s to become of our new destiny.

Song 4: The White Lion Roars

A White positive future is on our way hurling through space and time. The journey has been long, but nothing can stop us.

Lyrics: The White Lion Roars

Well ol folks we are on our way heading through space and time.
Traveling towards a distant world building a new home.
Get in line.
We’ve gone through so much pain and strife but now we’re free, White positivity.
Nothing can stop us like ancestors before.
See the White lion.
Hear the White lion roar.

Hear the White lion roar.

Song 5: Neoheim

We’ve made it to our new home planet we have called Aryania. A new beginning has come.


All songs written, recorded and produced by Alt-Tech.

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